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Treatment Therapies

A range of various treatments

Biotron Light Therapy

The Bioptron medical light therapy system uses natural healing power. The Bioptron light uses Visible Incoherent Polarized (VIP) light therapy. Bioptron medical devices are used worldwide by doctors and health care institutions. It is an approved medical device made in Switzerland. It works on a cellular level. Bioptron is a polarized light and can be thought of as a charged light because of the positive healing effect it has on all living cells.

Superfoods - Food as medicine

Superfoods are foods that are exceptionally high in vitamins, minerals and overall nutritional value. Eating sugar-rich foods helps to re-mineralise the body, minimizing the desire for snacking on sugar rich foods, helping the body get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. ?

Food as Medicine
The pace of modern lifestyles has led to improper eating habits, compounded by stress and pollution, resulting in strained human health. The result is a body that lacks fundamental nutrients to sustain and promote optimal health.

Our approach to the nutrition therapy of our clients is based on the belief that food, as nature intended, provides the medicine we need to arrive at and maintain a state of health. By using the right food at the right intervals we can help cure most ailments and become healthy.

Slimline Faradic Slimming machine

These machines are used in our centre to assist with weight loss and to help with muscle rehabilitation.

This range of electronic computer-controlled slimming machines simulates natural exercise safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, firmness and strength. Trusted by thousands globally, the Slimline machines are the preferred slimming device used in leading slimming and beauty salons worldwide. With over 30 years of product development and manufacturing, Slimline have developed world-class slimming and toning machines trusted by professionals. Slimline is also an ISO13485 medical company.

Massage Therapy - Touch as medicine

Most medical practitioners agree that 90% of disease is stress-related. It seems that nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress.

Massage, a form of alternative healing through touch, brings enormous benefits ranging from treating of chronic diseases, neurological disorders and injuries, to alleviating body tensions caused by our busy, tense lifestyles. The benefits of massage are recognised by most people involved in the healthcare/medical community and it is now becoming an integral part of total health care.

At our Centre we find that, whether the reasons for massage therapy are pampering, rejuvenating, therapeutic, stress relief or pain management, massage therapy can be a powerful treatment that complements other alternative therapies.

Light Therapy

The unique Biotron light successfully treats:

Acne, Allergies, Arthritis, Skin rashes, Bed sores, Breast engorgement, Bruising, Cellulite, Circulation problems, Common colds and flu, Coughs, Glaucoma, Hair loss, Depression, Anxiety disorders, Keloid scars, Lymphatic drainage, Migraines, Pigmentation, Pain management, Rosacea, Shingles, Sinusitus, Skin ageing/disorders, Spastic colon, Toothache, Tonsilites

Food as Medicine

Key benefits of correct nutritional therapy:

Enhances personal health and fitness
Treats symptoms which are difficult to diagnose and those which can usually only be controlled by continuous use of drugs, such as allergies, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, candida/yeast infection and arthritis
Assists in maintaining a state of optimal health
Safe for all age groups. From babies to adults
Usually has far fewer side effects than synthetic medicines
Weight management
Gastrointestinal disorders
Cholesterol management
Paediatric and family nutrition

Touch as Medicine

Some benefits of massage therapy include:

Decreased anxiety and promotion of emotional balance
Enhanced immunity
Improved sleep quality
Improved concentration
Increased circulation
Reduced fatigue
Better overall Health