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What is the Karnak DED Scanning Device?

The KARNAK scan is an electromagnetic device that records the messages sent from the brain to each organ in the body. This enables us to determine how healthy each organ is..

The KARNAK Sensor detects:

  • Brain and stress levels
  • Under-or overactive thyroid
  • Liver function (and detox)
  • Kidney function
  • Adrenal function (for fatigue)
  • Pineal gland (for sleep patterns)
  • Stomach and intestinal balance of flora
  • Pancreas sugar, protein and fat metabolism
  • B12 and immune levels
  • Heart function
  • Sex organs, bladder, prostate, ovaries
  • Feet and legs
  • Presence of heavy metals.

By suggesting a number if natural products, alternative therapies and lifestyle changes, we can assist the organs to regain their natural balance and function.

The KARNAK Sensor can also detect food allergies and intolerances, showing you which foods will energise your body and lead to better health.

Each food is tested individually and the machine is able to test 20 items during one session and this will take approximately 90minutes.

Vibrational analysis using cerebral and organic bioresonance is performed when using the KARNAK Dynamic Energy Detector (DED) . This DED in just a few seconds, scans 480 points on the body from the head to the feet, detecting energetic activity in each tiny part of the body.

Through the PSI test with the KARNAK Sensor it is possible to pick up, at a distance, the electromagnetic fields emitted by the brain of any human or animal.

Connect the Sensor to your PC and you can see, on the monitor, at regular 2-second intervals, a histogram, which shows the cerebral (brain) electromagnetic emissions of the person being tested. These emissions then influence the electronic circuit of the KARNAK Sensor which has been placed, less than 1.5m in front of the patient being scanned. The readings are then seen on the PC screen in the form of a readable graph.

Through the histograms on the monitor it is possible to notice:

The optimum state of health of all the organs of the body and the cerebral activity.
The energetic problems of the different organs and of every brain zone.
The higher the histograms, are the MORE OPTIMAL the functions of the organs are. It is best to read the histograms from the bottom up.

The programme software is designed to decode the variables and points it out on the human silhouette on the monitor.

The KARNAK energetic devices are excellent for use in the control and prevention of illness and for assessing the effectiveness of therapies carried out to rectify the system/organs/brain.

The Karnak Dynamic Energy Detector Scanning Device

How does energetic analysis take place?

This technique makes it possible to perform a practical energy check-up and can thus help to prevent the occurrence of severe illness by detection of cellular activity irregularities in the early stages.

The technique evaluates:

  • The cerebral and organic energy alterations that precede the illness.
  • The entity of energy damage in the relative cellular activities of various zones of the body.
  • The cerebral functional alterations that cause psychosomatic problems.